About Dog Walkers R Us

Thanks for dropping in! At Dog Walkers R Us we take great pride in providing your pet with the best care possible, and providing you with peace of mind. Our team of Pet Specialists are highly regarded within the industry and among our clients. Our Specialists complete First Aid and CPR training for pets during their orientation phase. They also learn how to handle adverse animal situations and are committed to a continuing education program with the company.

You have demonstrated your love for your pet by taking their care seriously, partnering with Dog Walkers R Us ensures your pets are well looked after and that their welfare is secured. Just as people are selective about the care they choose for their children, or hiring a professional cleaning service for their home, we take to heart the fact that you have taken the time to carefully select the right, professional pet care service for your loved ones.

Why choose Dog Walkers R Us?

Entrusting a person to enter your home and care for one of your most prized possessions (your pet) is a sensitive task, and a responsibility that we understand, appreciate and take very seriously. Our mission is to focus on our clients' pets by making them our priority, and to provide peace of mind to our two legged clients.

At Dog Walkers R Us we take to heart the difficulty that you may experience when deciding which dog walking service would be:

> Most attentive and responsible to your pet's safety and needs;
> Respectful of your home and its contents and;
> Reasonably priced.

What is unique about Dog Walkers R Us?

1. Safety

Safe fun for all is what we strive to achieve everyday. As pets differ in age, personality, and physical endurance we do our best to provide an environment and specific exercise programs that best suits each pet's individual needs. Additionally it is important that we know whether your pet prefers to be in a smaller group and if they get along with larger or smaller pets. The overall health condition and special medical needs of the pets in our care is taken into consideration when we plan for the amount of exercise and rest most appropriate for your pet.

Limited Number of Pets: We love animals and will not compromise your pet's safety for an additional profit. We guarantee not to endanger your pet's safety by maintaining the number of pets to a manageable amount (between 3 - 5 per group walk), ensuring that your pet's comfort, safety, and security are our primary focus.

Hiring Practices: Each member of our team of Pet Specialists is meticulously screened, both for their love of pets, experience working with pets, as well as a criminal background check (customers may be provided with a copy of the criminal background check upon request).

Travel Protection: Whether we are picking up or dropping off your beloved pet, safety is our number one focus. In order to ensure that your pet is transported safely, each one of our 'Pet Mobiles' is custom built and dynamically fitted to each of our client's Very Important Pet (VIP) size, large or small. This first-rate investment to custom fit our vehicles and our diligence in tending to your pet's comfort at all times, is second to none.

First-Rate Insurance Coverage: We are fully bonded & insured; while some Pet Care Services are either not insured or their insurance is limited and excludes injury or death of your pet, our insurance is all inclusive and available for our customers to examine.

2. Dedication

Outmost Professionalism: Dog Walkers R Us is a full-time business focusing on providing a variety of Pet Care Services, while some of our competitors work part-time or offer Pet Care as a side/second service.

3. Quality Assurance

Pledge of Excellence: We offer a 100% guarantee to our clients (see FAQ section), not offered by other Pet Care Services.

Service Promise Delivery: Some Pet Care Services strive to meet their customers' needs, while we have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver on our promise of service excellence (references available).

4. Service Reports

Information Exchange: Our customers receive progress reports on their pets' daily activity through our specialized Report Card® system (see FAQ section for additional information).

5. Service Coverage

Added Flexibility & Convenience: Our customers are provided with last minute coverage option at their fingertips, a service not offered by our competitors.

Wide Service Area: Our service area coverage is second to none, covering the entire Toronto and surrounding areas at no additional cost.

6. Customer Care

Business Friendly Service: We maintain professional records and treat our customers with the utmost level of respect, doing so with a humane and business-friendly spirit. We strive to provide a caring and professional service, while demonstrating a down to earth mentality.

Open Communication: All who visit our site or contact our office are encouraged to provide feedback on our service and our dog walking packages offerings. We encourage open and honest dialogue with anyone who contacts us, and view feedback as a helpful tool to enable us to grow as people and as a business. From your first contact we aim to provide you with an open ear and any information you desire.

Secured Key: As an added bonus our customers have the option to participate in the Secured Key Program® offered exclusively by Dog Walkers R Us (see FAQ section for additional information).

7. Our Mission

Above & Beyond: We want to build and maintain a professional pet care service based on an unwavering commitment to completely satisfying every client (both two-and four-legged).

8. Payment Methods to Suit Everyone

Passing the Buck: Our customers can pay using their Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or by cheque or cash.

9. Complimentary Services

Sharing the Joy: We are always excited when new customers join our service and to share our joy we offer a complimentary pet care service to the customer who referred the new customer to us.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee

Happiness is Key: Concerns raised by customers regarding a service that was rendered to their pets are addressed immediately and their next visit is free. We are proud to offer such a guarantee and are even prouder to be able to say that we have never had any unsatisfied customers. We believe in lasting client relationships, thus our service is only complete when customers return home and are completely satisfied.

11. Our Pricing & Competitive Advantage

We are Pet Owners' Primary Choice: When considering the right pet care service provider for your beloved pet we would encourage you to inquire whether other services offer the types of service guarantees offered by us. We are committed to get your business and don't want pricing to discourage you from hiring us. Therefore we have committed to match any of our competitors' pricing!

Remember that we offer the best value for your money and a service that is second to none. Our priority is to provide you with peace of mind and to cater to your loved one.

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